Congratulations on September 1 - Knowledge Day!
August 7th we celebrate the birthday of our company!
We express our sincere gratitude to the faithful children for their constant support and devotion.

We will continue to try to please you only with high-quality caviar and the freshest products., SIA
July 18 is International Caviar Day.
Today is a great opportunity to spend your day with special luxury and festive mood, because today is National Caviar Day around the world.

Find new taste emotions with natural red and black caviar!

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State Day (Coronation of King Mindaugas of Lithuania) and National Anthem Day.
Happy holidays Yonines!
Choose caviar and other products at a special price until 30.06.2023.
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New! Black sturgeon caviar without preservatives.
Black sturgeon caviar Amur Royal without preservatives.

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CaviarHouse wishes you a Happy Easter!
May this bright holiday fill your life with joy, hope and love.
May it give you the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the spring sun and new beginnings.

And natural caviar from LEMBERG will decorate your festive table.

Happy easter!
Special Easter discounts on caviar!
Enjoy the highest quality caviar.

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March 22 Baltic Sea Day!
Today we celebrate Baltic Sea Day!
Lemberg was featured in an article by the German-speaking Forbes as one of the world's leading producers of red and sturgeon caviar.
We are very happy to share great news with you!
Lemberg was featured in an article by the German-speaking Forbes as one of the world's leading producers of red and sturgeon caviar.

We are proud that SIA is the official representative of Lemberg in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Lemberg has been operating on the international market since 2002, and during this time has managed to become one of the best in its industry.

The Lemberg team is constantly working to improve the quality of caviar to meet the needs of our customers.

Thanks to all our customers for their loyalty and trust.
We will continue to do our best to delight you with fresh and tasty caviar for every taste.

Read original Forbes article
New tasty products!
We are glad to inform you that the range of our products has been replenished with new products:

– Pink salmon caviar (chilled) 200 g
– Trout caviar (chilled) 200 g
– Caviar cream with smoked salmon 150 g
– Сaviar сream with shrimp 150 g
– Caviar cream with tuna 150 g
– Pink salmon steaks in tomato sauce 240 g

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Treat yourself and your loved ones with genuinely tasty products from SIA store!
Congratulations on International Women's Day!
Today is a special day, we wish you much happiness, love and health!

May your holiday be filled with the warmth of your loved ones and friends.

CaviarHouse Lithuania
Meet spring with
Delight your loved ones with pancakes with red and black caviar.

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Valentine's Day is coming.
On February 14, it is customary to give flowers and chocolate.

Give your loved ones a truly amazing gift - red or black LEMBERG caviar.

We are the official representative of the LEMBERG caviar house, and we guarantee the quality of the products.

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Lemberg vodka - new bottle design!
With a fresh aroma and a slightly spicy note, this royal drink is perfect for brackish, delicate caviar and allows its subtle flavor nuances to unfold in its entirety.

ATTENTION! Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health. Alcoholic beverages may not be sold, transferred or purchased by persons under the age of 21.

Vodka to Lemberg caviar →
06.02.2023 welcomes you to the New Year 2023!
Our dear customers! wishes you a Happy New Year!

Be healthy, beautiful and happy!

Happy New Year!

Best regards,


Merry Christmas!
We wish you a warm and peaceful Christmas with your loved ones!

CaviarHouse Lithuania.
The most joyful period has begun, waiting for a miracle, waiting for Christmas. will help you take care of original gifts for your loved ones.

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Special, pleasant prices until 01/13/2023!
Dear customers, please place orders in a timely manner.
Dear customers, we remind you that you can place your orders in our online store

Please make orders in a timely manner.

Due to the upcoming holidays, courier services can be very busy.

We will try our best to deliver your order on time.
Congratulations on the first day of winter.
Enjoy the beginning of winter with Lemberg black caviar.

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CaviarHouse Lithuania
Treat yourself and your loved ones with the highest quality caviar from
We offer all connoisseurs of delicacies to taste the highest quality caviar, come visit us and taste it!

We offer the fastest courier delivery: 1-3 working days.
Caviar is a tasty and healthy product that will decorate your table.
Let this wonderful holiday of the summer solstice be bright and memorable.
Unforgettable treats will help you with this!

Caviar and beer? That's it!
With the right composition, a foamy drink and caviar can be a wonderful combination.

What goes with what:
- sturgeon caviar goes well with dark beer and amber ale.
- caviar of beluga, salmon and trout will go well with light beer.

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Black sturgeon caviar Amur Royal is a true delicacy with the most delicate shell.
You can cook delicious sandwiches with black caviar and smoked salmon. Enjoy the new flavor — The combination of natural black caviar and tender salmon will give you an unforgettable feast of taste!

Jars of black caviar 20g, 30g, 50g, 100g, 150g, 200g, 250g and 500g are available in our store.

Amur Royal Black Caviar →

We offer all connoisseurs of delicacies to try the highest quality sturgeon caviar!
03.05.2022 wishes you a sunny and happy Easter!
We wish you good health, love, and harmony.
Let the arrival of spring give inspiration and energy for new things!

To make your table even tastier, we will delight you with delicious black and red caviar straight from Alaska.
Special Easter prices for caviar.
Celebrate Easter with the highest quality LEMBERG caviar.

Everyone will be able to enjoy LEMBERG caviar at competitive prices.

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Since March 8, dear women!
CaviarHouse congratulates our fair half on March 8!
Lots of love and bright moments!

Don't know how to surprise your other half?
A jar of black and red caviar is an excellent gift, and most importantly, useful!

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2021 company wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Our dear clients! company wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Be healthy, beautiful and loved!
And we, in turn, will delight you with the highest quality, delicious and most importantly healthy products in the new year!

Happy New Year!

Best regards, yours
New! An exclusive product in the Baltic States - pink salmon caviar Vostochny Bereg
From the moment of catching to packing in a jar!

Thanks to high-tech equipment and qualified personnel, the time from catch to packaging is no more than four hours, which is why our products always remain fresh.

They are not needed when the caviar is frozen directly in the fishery.
Advanced packaging solutions help to preserve the unique properties and great taste of caviar even without the use of preservatives.

Delicate taste of the freshest caviar of pink salmon Vostochny Bereg.

After opening the package, it is possible to store the product for a short time (no more than 36 hours) at temperatures from 0 ° C to 6 ° C in a home refrigerator.

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The winner will be announced on 11/19/2021

Good luck!
Black sturgeon caviar Amur Royal at a special price until 01.10.2021
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New offers and promotions in April!
We are happy to inform you that our range of products has been updated with some amazingly tasty products:

frozen red caviar of chum salmon, pink salmon and trout, black caviar "Russian sturgeon", as well as other fish products.

But that's not all! There are discounts on all of our products, but only from 04/21/2021 to 04/30/2021.

Treat yourself and your loved ones with genuinely tasty products from SIA store!

Happy first day of spring, our dear customers!
Soon it will be warm and bright outside, but we must not forget that the winter must be spent with dignity! That is why we celebrate Shrovetide - a period when pancakes become an integral part of the day.

Classic Russian pancakes with red caviar - will be an ideal dish for Shrovetide Let yourself be pampered!
Welcome to the website of SIA!
SIA is an official representative of Lemberg Company.

We are happy to offer our customers a wide range of high-quality caviar at affordable prices.
Congratulate your loved ones on Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is coming soon, from year to year we celebrate this day, give love and attention to our dear people.
Give your loved ones a truly amazing gift - Lemberg red or black caviar!
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