company was founded in 2007. All these years we have been the exclusive official representative of the German caviare house Lemberg Kaviar in the Baltic states.

Lemberg Kaviar has gained the trust of buyers and occupies the leading position on the European market among producers of red and black caviare. Products of this German caviare brand are in the greatest demand in the Baltic states.


Own production with automated lines for processing of raw materials, high refrigerating and freezer capacities, cooperation only with large suppliers from Canada, North America and Russia with good reputation, - the aggregate of all these factors is a guarantee of stable and uninterrupted production that allows to offer the buyers the most advantageous and low prices on caviare products in Europe.


An excellent team of professional employees enables our company to adjust in an efficient and rapid manner to changes in consumers' preferences. In 2007 we opened our offices - shops to offer more choice to consumers and a richer assortment of products than in retail chains.

16 years

In the course of 16 years our Latvian company CaviarHouse.LV remains the largest supplier of caviare products to retail chains in Latvia and Lithuania offering the best selection of all kinds of red salmon and black sturgeon caviare.

10 years

More than 10 years we cooperate with fish processing companies in Italy and supply canned fish, which is very popular among our buyers, to the Latvian market.
Lemberg Lebensmittel GmbH: Ruslan Volny, Igor Lorenz
SIA CaviarHouse.LV: Diana Vigmane
In 2020 taking into account the recent consumer market development trends we started delivering on-line orders to our customers in all regions of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

We operate two offices – shops in Riga and in Daugavpils, where customers can choose, taste and purchase not only red salmon caviare, but also excellent black sturgeon caviare at the most advantageous prices in the Baltic states.

We are open to cooperation, therefore together with our customers and partners we introduce and implement new ideas and projects.

We hope that there will be many reasons for festive events, at which our products will be a welcome treat.

Diana Vigmane (Диана Вигмане)
Managing Director
SIA (limited liability company) CaviarHouse.LV

We are cooperating

The Latvian company "CaviarHouse.LV" is the official representative of the German caviar house Lemberg kaviar in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

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